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Petra Tiefel (
Fri, 8 Nov 1996 10:42:57 +0000

> > The traditional religious definition of a woman
> > as a second class human being, based upon
> > significant literal biblical references, has also
> > been obliterated. Only in this 20th century have..

>> I am very happy that this interpretation of the Bible did not survive
>> the 20th century otherwise I would not be able to take part in this
>> discussion!

> Welcome to ASA, Petra. I have not seen your name here before. I did not know
> that you had taken part in any of the discussions?? Please give us some
> personal background data, thanks.

Hello Paul and Hello to all other members of ASA mailing list!

I am sorry that I did not introduce me before, but I just used this
article to say: "Hello here I am!"

Before I start, please forgive when my English sometimes sounds a bit
strange but it is a "strange" language for me because my native
language is German.

Now, who I am:

Name: Petra Tiefel
Age: 32
Address: Eschenstr. 13; 85416 Langenbach (near Munich); Germany
Profession: Food Chemist
Employer: Technical University Munich, Research Center for Food and

I am actually working on halogenized residues in milk and water
formed through chlorine of chlorine containing disinfection
I am a Christian and a member of the Free Evangelical Church in
Freising. I read your 4 statements of faith and can agree to them.
I subscribed to ASA mailing list because:
a) we don't have a Christian mailing list for scientists like ASA in
b) I would like to listen to and to take part in discussions
concerning Christians in science.

And now my favorite statement: I don't know whether you know the
situation in Germany? We got a lot of church members but *very* few
Christians and even fewer Christians in science.

If you have further questions, I will try to answer them. But not
next week, because I have no Internet access till the 18th of

Bye Petra

Petra Tiefel (Ph.D) Tel (Lab): 0049 8161/713501
Research Chemist Fax : 0049 8161/714404
D-85050 Freising Weihenstephan