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> Gene requested:
> 1) A timeline of the YEC movement (rough). I remember it had its genesis
> in the 1920s or 30s did it not, with roots in 7th Day Adventism?
> ---
> The most authoritative source is Ron Numbers' book, The Creationists.
> It is a fairly unbiased and comprehensive coverage of the recent history. It's

Following up on Paul's comments, there is a shorter chapter in the
Book, "God and Nature" edited by Lindberg and Numbers, U. of
Calif. Press.

I skimmed the chapter to try to pick up the dates. Some notes:

1. There was an apathy towards evolution early in the century
evidenced by its relative lack of emphasis and moderate tone in "The
Fundamentals" published between 1910-1915, which changed in the 1920's
symbolized by William Jennings Bryant and the Scopes Monkey Trial.
Many Christians held to day-age theories and another alternative which
escapes me at this time.

2. George McCready Price, the lay scientist Adventist who is the
spiritual ancestor of modern "Creation Science" wrote his first book
in 1906, and was named by Bryan as a scientist who agreed with his
views. An interesting quote concerning Price by David Starr Jordan, a
geologist and President of Stanford seems as if it might have some
application to some lawyer's today, describing the book as,

"a sort of lawyer's plea, based on scattering mistakes, omissions and
exceptions against general truths that anybody familiar with the facts
in a general way cannot possibly dispute. It would be just as easy
and just as plausible and just as convincing if one should take the
facts of European history and attempt to sho that all the various
events were simultaneous."

Attempts at creationist alliances in intervening years until the
60's fell apart over "the age of the earth." Many were not young
earth. Numbers dates the start of the modern creationism with the
publication by Whitcomb and Morris in 1961 of "The Genesis Flood"
although he had published an earlier book in 1946.

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