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Will Christianity Survive the New Millenium?

by John Shelby Spong, Bishop of Newark


Virgins do not
conceive. Resurrection cannot mean physical
resuscitation and the restarting of bodily
processes after three days of death. People
cannot ascend on their own gravity-defying power
into the sky of a Ptolemaic universe that is no
longer believed to exist. Both human truth and
traditional moral standards have been relativized.
Infallibility and inerrancy do not exist any
longer. These are among the changes that have
created the tidal wave that now propels us into
the 21st century. Reality is that we are destined
to be third millennium Christians or we will not
be Christians at all.


It looks to me as though this man's Christianity has not survived the 20th
century, let alone the new millenium.

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