Re: Apologists and other salesmen

Jan de Koning (
04 Nov 96 19:48:04 EST

Dear Bill,
Before anyone starts accusing me of heresy: I believe that God created
the universe, including "time" as we know it. I believe, that all of us are
sinners, and are affected by the fall in sin of Adam (I should say this much
stronger.) I believe, that Jesus Christ died for my sin, and that I will
"always" be with Him.

"Time" is a subject that needs to be discussed, but I am afraid to be
misunderstood, if I enter the debate. Stilll, I'll try. I believe, that God
created "time," and therefor talking about "before" creation does not make
sense. Neither does talking about "time" after Christ's return. We will live on
a new earth, which does not necessarily have the same natural laws as we have
now. We need not worry about thta now. Also, when we die we are "out of
time," to be resurrected when Jesus Christ comes back. We do not live in the
ordinary sense of the word, but just wait "under the altar", whatever that
means. I believe, that I will always be with Christ, but I must admit, that I
do not know what that means. Where exactly does it say that we go to heaven?
The New Jerusalem will come down to earth, and we will live then in heaven,
which came down to earth. So, though this subject has to be studied thoroughly,
it has repercussions in many areas, where we seem to have accepted the pagan
Greek view of life, of a divided personality: body, soul, spirit etc. This
requires, however, much more study than can be solved in a forum like this. To
start off, we should probably start with: "What is heaven?" I'll accept any
time that Moses and Elijah are there, since they could come back to talk with

If heaven is in another three dimensional space intersecting ours in some
places some time, then these things may evn be explained. Is it true? I do not
know, and I think, it is fruitless for us to investigate that. It is my
mathematician's mind thinking that.

Now don't all try to shred me to pieces. May be we are not even allowed
to talk about that.

Jan de Koning
Willowdale, Ont.