Murphy's comment

John W. Burgeson (
04 Nov 96 15:44:22 EST

George adds these words to Geoff,s in part: " In that light, to say then that
one does not believe in the bodily resurrection of Jesus (a better way of
speaking than "physical" resurrection) would be to say that Jesus isn't _alive_
in the fullest sense. And then what would it mean to say that one "believes in"
him? As what?"

Point well taken, my friend. (see also my reply to Geoff). I was thinking, also,
about that time, which ought to be short, between the conversion experience and
the time one actually apprehends that our Lord is ALIVE! And then there is the
infamous crucified thief! He was (is) certainly a Christian, yet the
resurrection happened after he had shuffled off to the next level.