Re: Aff.OfChristianEngineers

Ruth Douglas Miller (
Sun, 3 Nov 96 14:17 CST

On the ASA listserv Joe Carson wrote:

>>I have not received any communication related to the proposed
>>"Christian Engineering Society" in several months. Neither am I
>>aware of any discussion within ASA regarding its approximately
>>400 engineering members starting an autonomous "Affiliation of
>>Christian Engineers" within ASA.

I'm confused--arent' you on the CES listserv, Joe? I received postings
from it, and posted to it, starting last week.
>>My thoughts on a independent "Christian Engineering Society" have
>>not changed. I don't think ASA's current "Industrial Commission"
>>is adequate for ASA's engineers and that an Affiliation of
>>Christian Engineers is warranted. I don't see how an independent
>>"Christian Engineering Society" would be advantageous over an
>>autonomous "Affiliation of Christian Engineers," in fact, I think
>>it would be significantly disadvantageous.
I agree with this, except I am not sure about the last phrase--what
sort of disadvantage(s) did you see? Certainly it seems simplest
to start off at least just like the biologists and geologists as
a subset/offshoot of ASA, as I said in my initial post.

Out of curiousity, how many engineers are on the ASA listserv presently?
(I myself am not; I read the posts thru my husband's account and thus
keep my own account clear of stuff I don't want to bother with.) I
wouldn't be surprised if, although most/all engineers have e-mail,
few have bothered to subscribe to the ASA listserv. (I'm assuming just
ASA members, here.) Topics of engineering interest have _not_ been


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