Joseph Carson (
02 Nov 96 23:42:19 EST

I have not received any communication related to the proposed
"Christian Engineering Society" in several months. Neither am I
aware of any discussion within ASA regarding its approximately
400 engineering members starting an autonomous "Affiliation of
Christian Engineers" within ASA.

I'm trying to organize an ASA program at WATTec 97. WATTec is a
nationally known meeting sponsored by 40 various technical
societies in East Tennessee. It attracts several thousand
attendees and occurs during Engineers Week (week corresponding to
President's Day in February). Many Presidents of the sponsoring
technical societies visit WATTec. If you have a web browser,
WATTec information is at <>. Attendees at
WATTec are engineers, not scientists, by and large.

My thoughts on a independent "Christian Engineering Society" have
not changed. I don't think ASA's current "Industrial Commission"
is adequate for ASA's engineers and that an Affiliation of
Christian Engineers is warranted. I don't see how an independent
"Christian Engineering Society" would be advantageous over an
autonomous "Affiliation of Christian Engineers," in fact, I think
it would be significantly disadvantageous.


Your coworker in His creation,

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