Re: Apologists and other salesmen

Glenn Morton (
Thu, 31 Oct 1996 20:38:22

Hi Jonathon,
You wrote:

> Glen wrote of the possible interpretation of Genesis 1-2
> "... as an allegory that has _no_ scientific or historical
> reality".

> I have no qualifications in this area, but have followed the
> discussion with interest. I need to ask what types of
> history are there? It seems to me that whoever wrote the
> Genesis account may not have perceived history in the way we
> do in 20th century western world. As others have pointed
> out "myth" does not necessarily mean fiction, but may be
> another way of communicating truth. And the early chapters
> certainly set the stage in terms of man's relationship to
> God and creation, of his sinful state, and of the need for
> salvation.

You are correct. What has happened in this issue is that generally speaking
there are two hard-line positions Genesis is absolutely literal or Genesis has
no historical content. I occupy a position in between these two. I believe
that there must be some history in the event but it does not have to be
recorded in a 20th century fashion.


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