John W. Burgeson (73531.1501@compuserve.com)
31 Oct 96 10:56:07 EST

John Miller wrote, in part: "He wrote "Flatland," a difficult-to-read but
delightful parody about dogmatic and closed minds that could see only evidences
of one particular form.>>

Abbott's FLATLAND is a delightful story; I disagree with John Miller only in
that I do not find it hard to read at all. I've read it many times since finding
it as a high school student in the 40s.

It is in the public domain, available on several web sites. I also have a copy
available in Compuserve's RELIGIOUS ISSUES forum, in the section 5 library.

If anyone would like a copy (text only), send me an e-mail and I'll send you
one. (Limited time offer).
The printed version has a few pictures, but they are not essential for
understanding the story. I think it is (perpetually) in print as an inexpensive