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Daniel J. Berger (
Thu, 31 Oct 1996 08:35:52 -0500

I quote Glenn Morton's reply to my earlier comments, below.

So, Glenn, you maintain that Jesus actually had to have observed a Samaritan
performing the actions related in the famous parable, for the story to have any
validity? That the fact that Nathan probably told David a completely non-factual
story, about the poor man's lamb, meant that David didn't have to worry about
murdering Uriah? That the Book of Jonah must be verified scientifically before
its lessons can be taken to heart?

Wiser people than I have said that human sinfulness is the most empirically
verifiable of the contentions of Christianity. Genesis 1-5 does not need to be
true, in the modern historical sense of the term, to reveal and comment on that
fact, since a moment's reflection will tell anyone that the root causes of sin --
pride and disobedience -- are just as they are related in the story of Adam and

My off-the-cuff opinion is that those who insist that everything in the Bible must
be historically perfect and verifiable before they will admit their need for a Savior,
would find some other excuse if that objection were answered on the terms they
demand. Remember that Satan knows more truth -- in an objective sense -- than
any of us, yet refuses to repent.


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From: Glenn Morton[]
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Subject: Re: Apologists and other salesmen

Now, if you agree that the Bible is telling us something true about our sinful
state, and that Genesis 2-3 is telling us this truth in an allegory that has
no scientific or historical reality, then the Bible is telling us something
true about mankind in untrue packaging <snip>.

Many on this list object very strongly
to the actions of the YECs because they are not telling the scientific story
correctly. We feel that this behavior brings dishonor to the Lord; that it
runs people off from the Gospel. We demand that our fellow Christians tell the
true scientific story. Yet when the Bible does the same
thing, i.e. tells us the true state of mankind in an untrue fable, we do not
complain that the Bible is bringing dishonor to the Lord; that it runs people
off from the Gospel; and demand that the Bible should tell the true story.