Re: Apologists and other salesmen

Dick Fischer (
Wed, 30 Oct 1996 22:12:18 -0600

John wrote:
>I would suggest another hypothesis, which i mentioned about a
>month or so ago, and that is that maybe genesis 1:2 through chapter 2
>is not discussing the creation of the earth, but the creation of the
>promised land. This is the hypothesis written about in John
>Sailhamer's book, 'Genesis Unbound'. His argument essentially says
>both sides YEC and OEC are wrong to espouse beliefs that Genesis 1 and
>2 have anything to so with creation of the Universe (with the exception
>of Genesis 1:1). That they are actually the description of God's creation
>of the promised land and the first people he placed in it.

To quote Sailhamer on page 32:

"The work of God recounted in Genesis 1:2-2:4a falls within a time
period of just one week."

Later in that paragraph he says:

"The "land" which the author has in mind is the land promised to
Israel (Genesis 15:18). It is there that God prepared the garden
of Eden ..."

In Israel? Sorry, the Tigris and Euphrates don't flow in the land of Canaan.

On the next page he says:

"Clear traces of human beings date back only about thirty thousand
years ago, appearing without any discernible antecedents, as if
they came from nowhere."

He may have made some points later in the book, but I didn't bother to read
much further after this faux pas.

Dick Fischer