Re: What is Theology?

Jan de Koning (
30 Oct 96 14:46:52 EST

In answer to some replies to my posting:

If we have to go by a tradition of 2000 year we will definitely split,
and have very different opinions. Just see church history. Yes I am sure, that
all of us have certain requirements for being Christians (tradition: RC,
Calvinist, Lutheran, Arminian, Arminist, Baptist of several kinds etc.), but I
am also sure, that in this world and this time, all of us are sinners and bound
to be wrong. OK, I know, we all must fight against sin, let us listen to each
other and learn. I agree that holding on to traditions (and explanations) is
one of the main causes of splits. Still, we should study thjeir decisions.
Often they were reacting in one way or another to thoughts we would reject too.
But that does not mean that a split is necessary. Only in cases where we do not
tolerate another opinion a split will occur. We all have a hard time (in the
past as well) in accepting someone's explanations, if they do not agree with
ours. Let us be patient and listen and research, not just reject it out of hand
as so often happens. Ideas of 200 years ago are often proved to be incorrect.
Let us not reject, before we have researched. Think of Galileo.

Yes, together with all orthodox Christians, I believe, that there are
certain minimum requirements for being called a Christian: God created, Man fell
in sin, Christ came to take our sins away.