Re: Myths and revelation-response/questions to/for Berger

Gladwin Joseph (
Wed, 30 Oct 1996 11:06:57 -0800

Some thoughts in response to Daniel's comments...

I can agree with Daniel Berger on Genesis being
mythology only if...

Can "mythology" be God breathed? In other words Hebrew
mythology of origins must be Revealed mythology. A
revelation that is necessarily authoritative because it is
from The I AM. If this myth is not true then I do have a
serious problem. To evaluate the veracity of this true story
with 20th century scientific and historical methodology
may do more harm than good (quite mentally stimulating
though:). Investigating the "mode of revelation" of these
stories in comparative terms with other such myths may
provide useful information on their truthfulness.

I thank ASA over the years for the my growing intellectual
freedom in Christ. It has been a silent discipling
fellowship with ASA. Thanks for the freedom to ask the
difficult questions and the humility to know that some
questions may never have answers this side of Eternity.


Gladwin joseph