Re: Apologists and other salesmen

Glenn Morton (
Tue, 29 Oct 1996 21:37:32

Somehow my original post got lost so I have split it into two and here it is

Bill Frix, whose posts I like, wrote in response to the suggestion of
a "Evangelical Council of Scientific Accountability",

>Sounds more like a modern day "Spanish Inquisition" to me. We don't
>need an "Evangelical Council of Scientific Accountability" because we
>already have some: IEEE, ASME, etc. Truth is truth - the accepted
>scientific theories have already been subject to scrutiny. However,
>not all evangelicals believe alike on scientific issues (or other
>matters). If you push me, I am a young earth creationist - I don't
>think the ASA agrees with me (judging by the email I read). Though I
>am a trained scientist, I don't think I would be allowed to sit on
>such a "Council", hence it would mean nothing to me.

I agree that a council would not work, but if one were formed, I would love to
have you sit next to me (assuming someone would even have me on such a
council). I would want you there so I could show you lots of seismic lines,
pictures of rocks, examples of burrows, nests and footprints in the geologic
record. After a few years you would be having the same problems that forced
me from a young earth position into my present views. I would also let you
borrow some of my geology books so you could understand what problems geology
has with young-earth creationism. An example: Contrary to young earth
accounts, overthrust faults do exist and they are not at all like what is
described in many YEC books. If you are interested in details, I would be
delighted to give them to you privately.

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