origins, Neanderthals

John Zimmer (
Tue, 29 Oct 96 12:41:12 CST

Glenn wrote

>This is not true IF there was an earlier time, prior to the Flood. Consider
>the problem you would have of transferring today's technology to your children
>if you and 7 others are the only survivors of a world wide catastrophe. I
>would dare say that you don't know what iron ore looks like, or where to find
>coal or how to smelt iron. Do you know how to make stone tools with which to
>carve a wooden plow? I would dare say that if you were Noah, your children
>would be reduced to the most primitive savagry [sic?]. What I beleive we seen
>in the anthropological record is the re-development of technology following
>the flood.

Could you take this into the story of Adam and Eve? I'm not sure what you're
saying. Are you positing that Noah's flood also occurred in evolutionary
history rather than Mesopotamian prehistory? If that's the case, could you
also explain - as Fischer points out - why a Flood Story exceedingly similar
to Noah's story is found in the Sumerian myth? Surely the Sumerian tradition
is not hundreds of thousands of years old!

J. Raymond Zimmer