RE: EvolveFISH

Sweitzer, Dennis (
Tue, 29 Oct 96 11:12:00 EST


I have seen these insignia here on the East Coast. I thought it was pretty
funny. My second thought was "How can I get one of these with JESUS as the

I'm afraid that would not be wise though, given the diversity of
interpretation that would get attached to it. (Things can pretty ugly when
minds shift paradigms without a clutch....). Would it be construed as a
reference to theistic evolution? To an evolving Christianity? (well,
Christianity has changed a lot, at the micro-level. But Macro level
evolution?) To an evolving Christ? (New Age-ish)

Might be an interesting analog to the Rorshach (sp?) test. "How do you
interpret the following symbol....."

Of course, it may find some acceptance among the Marxist-Lennon set.
(Groucho & John, that is...)

Just another nutcase for Jesus ;-) ,

Dennis Sweitzer
From: Bob Carling
To: asa; cis
Subject: EvolveFISH
Date: Thursday, October 24, 1996 9:13AM

I got the following posted to me from a fellow Christians in Science member.
Interesting. Anyone else come across them? Worth doing anything about this -
or just nutcases to ignore?

Bob Carling

>The other day I noticed a car with the usual 'fish' insignia. However, this
fish had grown legs and had 'DARWIN' within in its body. A few days later
searching the net for anything on Darwin, I came accross a site called
'EvolveFISH' which offered these emblems for sale. The fish (and mugs) could
have DARWIN, EVOLVE or ALIEN enscribed.