Re: Origins:Neanderthals

Glenn Morton (
Sat, 26 Oct 1996 13:24:39

Jan de Koning writes:

>Glenn asks: Who is your question for?
> The question was directed to those those who were discussing the
>relationship between modern man and Neanderthals. I read in one of the posts
>that they coexisted many years ago. The discussion tried to establish, if
>modern man could have descended from Neanderthals. And: did the Neanderthals
>descend from Adam? (Sorry for the typo in my previous post."some" should have
>been "same"). My point was, that in my opimion,not knowing enough archeology,
>biology etc.,Gen.4:15 might show the possibility of both descending from
>Adam,and being contemparies for a while. If you take the bible seriously: "As
>through one man sin entered into the world, . . ." Rom.5:12, then all men
>descended from Adam. And if then one of the distinguishing marks of man is
>being able to make art, then the Neanderthals descended from Adam.What then
>was the distinguishing mark between those that descended from Cain and the
> other Adamites?
What you describe above is my position. I believe (although I badly mis-spoke
on one post) that Neanderhtal and modern man are both descended from Adam, but
that Adam was a long, long time ago. I see no other way to fit the scientific
data into a Biblical framework.

As to the mark of Cain, I would say that that applied ONLY to Cain, not to his
descendants. I have never seen anything in Scripture which requires the mark
to be transmitted to his descendants.


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