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Jan de Koning (
26 Oct 96 12:42:55 EDT

Glenn asks: Who is your question for?

The question was directed to those those who were discussing the
relationship between modern man and Neanderthals. I read in one of the posts
that they coexisted many years ago. The discussion tried to establish, if
modern man could have descended from Neanderthals. And: did the Neanderthals
descend from Adam? (Sorry for the typo in my previous post. "some" should have
been "same"). My point was, that in my opimion, not knowing enough archeology,
biology etc., Gen.4:15 might show the possibility of both descending from Adam,
and being contemparies for a while. If you take the bible seriously: "As
through one man sin entered into the world, . . ." Rom.5:12, then all men
descended from Adam. And if then one of the distinguishing marks of man is
being able to make art, then the Neanderthals descended from Adam. What then
was the distinguishing mark between those that descended from Cain and the other

I fully realize, that the discussion becomes very speculative, but I do
think that all of us should take the Bible serious. If we read Romans then our
being in Christ is tied to the sinning of Adam, the "one man that sinned." I
know, about our own sinfulness and necessity to accept Christ as Saviour, but
that part is not mentioned in the discussion.

I hope I clarified my wondering. My main interest in this issue is, that
we do not alienate ourselves from God's Word. I do not want to teach any of
this stuff, since I agree with Glenn, that we should not teach outdated stuff.
I have seen more than enough of that in the debates surrounding the evolution


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