Re: EvolveFISH

Allan Harvey (
Thu, 24 Oct 1996 08:38:28 -0600

At 09:13 AM 10/24/96 +0100, Bob Carling wrote:
>I got the following posted to me from a fellow Christians in Science member.
>Interesting. Anyone else come across them? Worth doing anything about this -
>or just nutcases to ignore?

>>The other day I noticed a car with the usual 'fish' insignia.
>>However, this fish had grown legs and had 'DARWIN' within in its
>>body. A few days later searching the net for anything on Darwin, I
>>came accross a site called 'EvolveFISH' which offered these emblems
>>for sale. The fish (and mugs) could have DARWIN, EVOLVE or ALIEN

The "Darwin" fish are fairly common in the U.S. (though not nearly as common
as the unadorned Christian fish symbols), at least in California and
Colorado where I've spent the past several years. To me, it is indicative
of the tragedy that many people think Darwin is the "opposite" of
Christianity. So I wouldn't say these are "nutcases to ignore", but rather
people who (in part due to some Christians making a big deal out of
nonessentials) need to be educated as to what Christianity is really about.

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