EvolveFISH (fwd)

Joel Cannon (cannon@alpha.centenary.edu)
Thu, 24 Oct 1996 08:05:53 -0600 (CDT)

> I got the following posted to me from a fellow Christians in Science member.
> Interesting. Anyone else come across them? Worth doing anything about this -
> or just nutcases to ignore?
> Bob Carling
> carling@tcp.co.uk
> >From: Geoff Bagley <gbagley@innotts.co.uk>
> >
> >The other day I noticed a car with the usual 'fish' insignia.
> >However, this fish had grown legs and had 'DARWIN' within in its
> >body. A few days later searching the net for anything on Darwin, I
> >came accross a site called 'EvolveFISH' which offered these emblems
> >for sale. The fish (and mugs) could have DARWIN, EVOLVE or ALIEN
> >enscribed.
> >
> >The instigators of the site described themselves as "an enterprise in
> >Colorado and dedicated to countering the destructive aspects of
> >religious zealotry"

Unfortunately, I think Christians have earned this little bit of
humor. We may as well just laugh with and congratulate them at their
cleverness, and ask ourselves what we really communicate to the
outside world. Apparently to many, the fish symbol communicates not
that Jesus has redeemed us and made our lives new so that we have
become fishers of men, but rather a particular stand with regard to
evolution (and likely politics as well).

The biology professor here who I have seen wearing one of the pins
seems to be a pretty reasonable person. Hardly a nutcase.

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