Bob Carling (carling@tcp.co.uk)
Thu, 24 Oct 1996 09:13:06 +0100 (BST)

I got the following posted to me from a fellow Christians in Science member.
Interesting. Anyone else come across them? Worth doing anything about this -
or just nutcases to ignore?

Bob Carling

>Date: Wed, 23 Oct 1996 21:28:34 +0100
>To: <carling@tcp.co.uk>
>Subject: EvolveFISH
>From: Geoff Bagley <gbagley@innotts.co.uk>
>Reply-to: gbagley@innotts.co.uk
>Only being new to eMail & Internet, you may have already come accross
>this info. from other CIS members connected.
>The other day I noticed a car with the usual 'fish' insignia.
>However, this fish had grown legs and had 'DARWIN' within in its
>body. A few days later searching the net for anything on Darwin, I
>came accross a site called 'EvolveFISH' which offered these emblems
>for sale. The fish (and mugs) could have DARWIN, EVOLVE or ALIEN
>The instigators of the site described themselves as "an enterprise in
>Colorado and dedicated to countering the destructive aspects of
>religious zealotry"
>They can be connected at EvolveFISH@AOL.com or
>I don't know whether this is the sort of info shared on the CIS mail -
>group, so I thought I would send it to you first.
>Geoff Bagley
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