Private debate

James Mahaffy (
Tue, 22 Oct 1996 08:36:47 -0500 (CDT)

> Hi Dick,
> You wrote:
> >Hi Glenn:
> >
> >I hesitated to write this for fear of stirring another debate, but I don't
> >think the evidence you presented supports your logic train.
> I left your name out of the article for the same reason. I too did not want
> another debate. But here goes.

Sounds like both of you think this might degenerate into an exchange that might
not interest the broad asa readership. If that becomes the case (and to be
honest I have not read these posts carefully - so can not judge), why not
use the default of personal e-mail and share the highlights of the debate with
the whole list when you find agreement or disagreement or post to the
group mainly when it is something that has not been posted before. .

Let me add that I found Glenn's ideas fascinating, when I first heard of
them and read the posts carefully - I even bought his book [sorry Dick,
I haven't bought yours yet] but in the past this list has
sometimes been dominated by numerous exchanges between a couple of

I do not want Dick or Glenn or anyone else feel inhibited from posting -
[the group would be much weaker without their contributions]
but just to think if the post is new and if it is a response to a small
parts of another post. Some exchanges may be better done between
individuals but then PLEASE summarize to the list the insights you came up
with off the list.


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