ASA: OpenLetterToDOE

Joseph Carson (
20 Oct 96 16:04:06 EDT

Dear ASA'ers

Thank you for your prayers and other expressions of support regarding my
situation in DOE. If you want to contact other parties indicating your
interest in my stand for technical competentence and integrity in DOE here
are some names and email addresses.


Individuals and organizations to contact about Joseph Carson and
DOE's treatment of its whistleblowers:

Secretary Hazel O'Leary <Hazel.R.O'>

President Bill Clinton <>

Vice-President Al Gore <>

Dole-Kemp Campaign - Mike Collins, fax number (202) 414-6345

Mr. John Conway, Chairman Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety
Board, <>

Congressman Joe Barton, P.E., Chairman Subcommittee of Oversight
and Investigations, House Committee of Commerce

Dr. Richard J. Goldstein, President of the American Society of
Mechanical Engineers, <>

Mr. Jack Hinton, President of the National Society of
Professional Engineers, <>

Please call for DOE to honor its 2/94 settlement agreement with
Joseph Carson by using either employing outside arbitration or
some other independent, objective method that will result in a
public resolution of his allegations, consistent with the 2/94
MSPB enforceable settlement agreement.

Please copy the Government Accountability Project (GAP) with any
messages at <>