Re: Origins and Perspectives 3

Glenn Morton (
Mon, 14 Oct 1996 19:32:36

John Zimmer wrote:

>Remember, the nonsensical question being addressing is: If Genesis
>resembled the evolutionary record, then how would they match? I think
>that they might match if the first chapter of Genesis originated
>as a vision.
>How does this strike you?

Actually it isn't too bad. However, you still avoided the problem of the sun
being created after the first plants. But a vision does get you far along the
road to a solution. My own view has been criticized for avoiding the temporal
problems of Genesis 1 by removing Genesis 1 from time and placing it prior to
the start of the universe.

The problem I have with what you are doing is trying to have a temporal order
out of a vision. I think you would be better off avoiding the temporal
problem by saying that he vision order does not have to match the scientific

Foundation,Fall and Flood