Re: Reconciliation of knowledge

Neil Haave (
Fri, 11 Oct 1996 02:06:31 +0000

I've been away for a bit and so missed the spin off to Steve's and my
heretic conversation.

For me it is not so much an issue of reconciling Genesis with
evolutionary theory as trying to reconcile the existence of
supernatural/revealed knowledge with our natural/experential
knowledge. I'm a biochemist by training. I can explain in physical
terms what happens when digitonin is added to cholesterol and a white
precipitate appears. Now if I start trying to incorporate our
supernatural God, anything can happen. Yet typically it does not.
How come? Where are the miracles? Are they indeed as suggested the
physical laws to which we have become accustomed? This is a much
bigger issue for me rather than trying to match two different
creation stories in Genesis with evolution. The creating/living God
exists now. I have experienced Him. How does this
spiritual/revealed knowledge jive with what I can explain in my test

I don't like a separation of knowledge similar to how I do not accept
an artificial seperation of mind, body and spirit. How come we
cannot work out a system of knowledge that reconciles our spiritual
and physical experiences similar to how we have worked out the three
in one of the triune God?

Anyone want to attempt this one?



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