Re: skepticism/the nature of nature

Glenn Morton (
Thu, 10 Oct 1996 19:06:04

Gene Godbold wrote:
>According to Glenn Morton:
>> My point was that Christians limit themselves to having God instantaneously
>> create the world, life etc. rather than allowing for the possibility of God
>> working by process.
>Yes, many do. But the processes of God are not necessarily what we would
>perceive as "natural". God *may* not be constrained to create in a manner
>that we would distinguish as wholly natural. There may be events which
>cannot be understood in terms of what we label the laws of nature, but
>which are understandable in terms of the character of God.

I agree with you here. I view the natural laws as the miracles of God which
occur every day. Suppose that suddenly all wooden objects in the world were
to start floating 2 feet off the ground. We would call it miraculous. But if
the floating continued, we would find some mathematical description for the
activity and proclaim that this was a new law of nature. In two thousand
years, if the floating phenomena continued, future generations would hardly
believe that the world ever had wooden objects which did not float. Natural
laws are no more than the miracles of God that we are accustomed to.
>I realize this possibility would be of no comfort to those who seek to
>establish how things worked naturally (i.e. us'n science types).
>An interesting possibility (or maybe it's just stupid, I'm writing off the
>top of my head now!): Maybe the Fall has affected our perception of God's
>creating so that there is a spectrum of his acts that we just can't "see"
>anymore so they look like "miracles" when they happen. Angels (for
>instance) would see them as "natural".
The Fall affecting our ability to see God and his activities? Probably. But
I would have problem if that concept extended to an ability to determine
scientific truth from observational data. If that is the case, then science as
well as information we get from reading the Bible (via sense data) is suspect.
This is one of the positions taken by young earth creationists to say that
scientists who don't agree with them are affected by their sin and are burying
the truth in unrighteousness.

>This illustrates my point--God didn't "plan" ahead. He just "does"

I would have to yield to you on this point.

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