Paul Arveson (
Wed, 9 Oct 96 09:31:25 EDT

George Murphy wrote:

1) Speculations about what - or even if - the risen Christ told his
disciples about his experience are pointless. What we have is the
apostolic witness recorded in Scripture.
2) To again repeat the obvious: We receive signals (photons, helium
nuclei, fossils, &c) from the past. These are far from providing a
complete "picture" of what happened, but the notion that the past,
including the very distant past, is not subject to our observation is
flatly wrong.


To reinforce George's point with a little illustration: I'm sitting here in
front of my computer screen in an air-filled room. I'm about a meter away, so
all the events I see on the screen are AT LEAST 3 nanoseconds in the past. Of
course my brain doesn't function at the speed of light, so it's probably more
like 100 milliseconds before I become aware of an event. Since these events are
in the past, then it means that there is no such thing as a direct, present
observation. All sensory knowledge derives from inferences from the past.
Whether Hume can justify these inferences or not is his problem, not mine.

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