RESOURCES: Science for children (2)

Donald E Degraaf (
Tue, 8 Oct 1996 19:33:06 -0400 (EDT)

This afternoon I went (by invitation) to a local biweekly gathering of
about 15 Christian home-schooling parents, in order to "show and tell"
them about the science textbooks and teacher guides published for grades
K-6 by CSI (Christian Schools International).

CSI had supplied me with a complete set of these Science books for
examination, initially to publicize them to ASAers and others on this
list. I described these resources in a post on 16 September on this Subject.

After more than an hour of browsing through these books, the parents were
keenly interested, even enthusiastic. I expect that their group will
order several of them, to be used in turn by the parents as their kids
reach successive grades.

I also took with me a copy of "Teaching Science in a Climate of
Controversy" and three copies of "God and the Big Bang." I mentioned
them only briefly, and offered these items for sale at my cost. Almost
before the offer was fully voiced, several grabbed them out of my hand
and paid cash. I need to reorder more copies of "God and the BB" before
their next meeting, to meet added demand.

It looks like a lot of Christian parents are eager to read good materials
related to science and the Christian faith. Perhaps a lot of us would
find a similar eagerness among home schoolers where we live.

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