John W. Burgeson (73531.1501@compuserve.com)
08 Oct 96 14:27:54 EDT

Don DeGraaf, back on 9/24 (I've been off in the Colorado mountains for 4 weeks
and just catching up) posed a key question (IMO):

""How many of you were more willing to consider the claims of Christ after you
learned that some of your intellectual objections to the Christian faith were
flawed or weak or without merit?"

It was not until I faced up to my own inadequate answers to the real questions
of life that I, at age 30, was even ready to hear Christ's claims. It took
better than a year before I was even ready to say "God, I don't believe in you,
but I'm WILLING to do so, so I'll start listening." But it was years later that
I realized I had been LOVED into the kingdom, and had not arrived there by