Thanks, Steve

Paul Arveson (
Tue, 8 Oct 96 09:50:22 EDT

Steven H. Schimmrich wrote (on asa list):

I sort of agree. Once again, let me say that I'm a geologist and not
a young-earth creationism (I often argue against their claims for a
young earth, global flood, etc.). But, as a Christian, I'm also uncomfortable
with leaving God totally out of the picture when attempting to explain the
orgin of the universe and of life. I don't have an answer to the problem
but I disagree with those who hold that science MUST be naturalistic AND
then say that science can answer all these questions.


Thanks, Steve, for your humble and thoughtful and OPEN approach to the
science-faith issue and all the work you have done on this. I think your
approach of providing a lot of on-line information is a great long-term strategy
to help people with these issues, and you help to show the way for those of us
in the ASA's Communication Commission who are seeking to develop the ASA's web

(I recommend to the rest of you on this list to look through Steve's home page


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