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Jim Taggart (
Tue, 08 Oct 96 08:46:44 EST

A little off the subject, but...
if you can lay your hands on a book named _Ark_ by David Daniel, it's
a fictional account of somebody who does find the Ark. It's a great
yarn. Written by the brother of my own pastor.

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Subject: Re: Wyatt Archaeological Research
Author: (John Miller) at InterNet
Date: 10/8/96 7:55 AM

Hi Tamera,

Snake-oil scam is a description fitting of most of the "I Found Noah's Ark"
claimants I've read about to date. I'm not familiar with Wyatt's
presentation so cannot judge first-hand. But so far all such claims have
proven to be fraudulent--a result of seeking publicity and fame from a
naive Christian audience who dearly want to believe in any scraps of
evidence that confirms Biblical narratives. I've not formally studied
archeology, either, but try to keep up with various supposed discoveries
that support the Bible. Some do, but some do not.

Everyone, scientist or not, generally tends to find the evidence that they
hope to find. Hence, it is left up to the skeptics to challenge wishful

As a Christian, I think it would be 'nice' if Noah's ark were found, or the
Ark of the Covenant, or other major Jewish antiquities. But I doubt if
such an event would have much impact generally. Committed atheists would
still scoff, based on other untestable arguments. And committed Christian
believers should continue on in their faith even if fragments of Noah's Ark
are never positively identified.

Just some thoughts.

God bless,


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