Wyatt Archaeological Research

Mon, 7 Oct 1996 18:17:06 -0700

I just joined the list as a student member. If this post is out of place,
I'm sorry.

Last week I saw an archaeological presentation by Ron Wyatt. He says he
discovered Noah's Ark, and other biblical artifacts. I was not impressed.
The whole thing seemed too artificial, and stunk of snake oil scams. My
parents believed the presentation, but I'm very sceptical. I was going to
invite some of my non-christian science major friends, but now I'm glad that
I forgot to mention it to them. They surely would have been even more
critical than I, and it would have hurt my witness. Has anyone here seen
this presentation? As a Christian, I wish I could believe him. But as a
science student, I can't. I admit that I am ignorant in Archaelogical
matters, and would like to know if anyone more knowledgeable has any input
into this. I will allow for the facts being true dispite the poor
presentation of those facts.

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