Paul Arveson (arveson@oasys.dt.navy.mil)
Mon, 7 Oct 96 12:33:59 EDT

Lee Dunbar wrote:

> A very basic problem that I, and others like me, have is to
>determine who is worthy of trust. It is a very time-consuming process to
>read the posts of Paul Arveson, Glenn Morton, George Murphy, Allan Harvey
>and other regulars, to compare these with the contributions of Reasons to
>Believe, Answers in Action, and CRI and to try to sort out those who meet
>the criteria of objective, coherent truth.

* * * W A R N I N G * * *

I cannot speak for others, but as for me I must warn you and all others who read
this list that Paul Arveson does not always speak the truth. He is a fallen
person and, though usually sincere, may not be considered either trustworthy,
logically consistent, or morally pure. Be forewarned.

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