ORIGINS Re: Swan Song

Lee Dunbar (
Sat, 5 Oct 1996 07:14:00 -0600

John Miller could not resist a comment and neither can I. I greatly
appreciate the wisdom and graciousness of Mr. Miller and others like him but
have observed something of the acerbity which has been noted. I should say,
by way of introduction, that I am a retired instrument engineer with
continuing interests in math and science but with skills insufficient to
jump into any kind of fray with the professionals of this list. I have
arrived at a place in life in which I have a little time and a lot of
inclination to try to clarify my thinking on the inter-relationships of my
faith and my vocation and listening on your list has been helpful. I am a
member of a very excellent Presbyterian church and I get all the Calvinism
that any one could ask there, but I am also aware that there are many other
aspects of evangelical Christianity and I need a fair viewing of them also.
There are not too many in my fellowship that have scientific inclinations
and I find the List valuable in surveying origins, harmonies of Genesis,
etc. that I cannot find nearer home. It is for that reason and more that I
am very sorry to note the departure of Dean Ohlman. His posts have been
interesting and thought provoking (I particularly liked his "low and high
resolution" concept) and I will miss seeing his name.
A very basic problem that I, and others like me, have is to
determine who is worthy of trust. It is a very time-consuming process to
read the posts of Paul Arveson, Glenn Morton, George Murphy, Allan Harvey
and other regulars, to compare these with the contributions of Reasons to
Believe, Answers in Action, and CRI and to try to sort out those who meet
the criteria of objective, coherent truth. I might mention my thanks in
passing to Allan Harvey who has been very kind in answering foolish and
impertinent inquiries and who suggested the reading of Richard Bube's book
"Putting it all together" which has been very helpful.
Small problem in closing: I know what YEC stands for, but what is TE?