RE: Swan song

Juli Kuhl (
Thu, 3 Oct 1996 23:59:53 -0400 (EDT)

May I please just add a teeny observation...

once again the scientists among us seem to have been put on the defensive
about their "style" of debate, claiming that it is understood between
themselves (among themselves too, I suppose) and that the intensity is an
avenue for "venting".

Well, if someone tells me I've got a problem I tend to put it on the back
burner (rationalization? denial?) But when I hear the same general
feedback from several people, it's time to look at how I'm being
perceived. Am I supposed to be becoming the kind of person that honors
Father God Who bought me, loves me, keeps me and (miracle of miracles)
chooses to use me? Yes, I think so... not only for my own spiritual
growth but also for the sake of others.

Does that mean you educated fellows with the boxing gloves can't have a
good fight ('scuse me... debate)? Maybe not -- or maybe. After all, this
isn't really a private forum after all. It's truly an arena with a great
cloud of (invisible) witnesses. Whew! I bet the writer of Hebrews
never had an inkling that the internet would be applied to his/her text.

So, my dear brothers, if you are finding some feedback to have a familiar
ring, maybe you could discuss it privately and figure out if you want to
make your debates a bit more kind (not the same as wimpy, you know) for
the sake of your brothers and sisters in Christ, not because we are the
"weaker" ones offended by your style but because we are trying to help
one another form good habits.

Let your gentleness be evident to all - Phil 4:5 NIV).

Just a thought... choice is still yours, obviously. :)