Re: Acme Academy statement on evolution

Dick Fischer (
Thu, 26 Sep 1996 23:30:45 -0500

Hi Dean, you wrote:
>I am totally floored by your reaction to this statement. I did not realize
>that you and so many of the ASA folks have abandoned the historic faith.

The "historic faith" of which you speak was that the earth was flat and
was the center of the universe. It wasn't the theological community
suddenly coming to their senses that brought us into alignment with reality.

>If that is what the arrogance of science does, there is no wonder you cannot
>get the majority of the church to take you seriously. For instance, you
>quoted the statement and then replied thus:
>>While Acme Academy will not shy away from the continuing
>>debate on origins, it will always hold that all things have their
>>ultimate origin in a personal, loving Creator who, in the form of the
>>Son, created the earth in the past, sustains it in the present, and will
>>restore it in the future.

>Nothing like mixing in professions of faith while delving into science.

Acme Academy is doing exactly what the statement says it isn't. It is
"shying way" by avoiding hard, cold facts. I would suggest shying away
completely lest they be taken seriously.

>If profession of faith for Christians has no place in the pursuit of science,
>there is little hope God will be found in it.

If bombast alone could have solved the Bible-science controversy it would
have been resolved long ago.

>If this is the tack you have
>taken in THE ORIGINS SOLUTION, I grieve for you. Your harsh statements seem
>to indicate your total capitulation to godless naturalism.

The tack taken in THE ORIGINS SOLUTION is that the Bible (even Genesis) is
the infallible Word of God written by human authors yet co-authored by the
Holy Spirit. It is inerrant in the autographs, and except in certain obvious
instances is to be taken literally. Incidentally, that is a minority opinion
in the ASA.

IMHO Acme should heed that old credo (paraphrasing) that it is better to keep
silent and be thought foolish than to publish such a statement and remove
all doubt. If the urge to print SOMETHING is just overwhelming I would
suggest something like this:


Although there is much dispute about how, if you wish to know what and
when, consult books written by informed scientists, realizing that all humans
are fallible, and that scientific theories are revised from time to time in
the light of new evidence. If you want to know why and who, consult the
Bible, realizing that theologians are humans too.

Dick Fischer