Donald E Degraaf (degraafd@umich.edu)
Sun, 22 Sep 1996 21:27:32 -0400 (EDT)

Friends -
I agree with George Murphy's point that apologetics can be very useful in
removing roadblocks to the Christian faith that are confusing to the
minds of unbelievers. In this way apologetics can be of great service in
Thousands of students in our high schools and colleges are taught the
ideas of Scientism, even though their teachers may not be willing to
acknowledge that they are going beyond science and promoting a
naturalistic world view. In addition, from my experience many
international students and scholars who come to the USA want to learn
what the Christian faith is about. Many of these have been indoctrinated
with communism and other isms which have the effect of closing their
minds to the biblical concept of a transcendent personal God who created
the universe. Showing these people that science and the Christian faith
are compatible, and even that some scientific findings point to a
Creator, can go a long way to removing their misconceptions and prepare
them to seriously consider the claims of Christ.

Don DeGraaf