Re: your letter

Rob Wahl (
Mon, 2 Sep 1996 14:46:10 -0700

I was excited to read your letter. I've been away from this debate
for a while, perhaps 15 years.:) My interest was rekindled by the Del
Ratzsch book. (If you haven't read it, do.) He's a great login policeman;
and I had a good laugh when he took on Richard Dawkins. I just wanted to
tell you that I looked up your web site and read it all. You going to have
to finish About The Author because that was the part in which I was the most
interested. I bookmarked the spot and I'll come back and I'm considering
ordering your book. I want to say I'm impressed with you clear reasoning and
your effort to keep the pressure on the debate. Those of us who have been
quiet owe something to those of you who have been forcing the debate. It has
now become clear to me that this is not a debate between Christains and non
Christians, but a debate among Christians. I also want to say thanks for you
encouragement to hand in there.

The burning question I have is when did this happen? What happened
since the early 80's to enshrine young earth Creationism as a non negotiable
in evangelical theology?

Keep up the effort,
God's blessing!
Rob (Near Alaska, in British Columbia Canada)