Re: Is YEC now the test of orthodoxy?

Glenn Morton (
Sun, 01 Sep 1996 09:24:14

Rob Wahl wrote:

>In response to Steven Schimmrich, I'm wondering if it's already too late.
>When I was a biology/geology student (1977 to 1981) I attended Trinity
>Western University. There a was taught and came to agree that if anything
>could be learned from general revelation then the earth couln't be a young
>earth (etc). This was a Christian School, mind you. As a Christain I thought
>that perhaps I would some day teach Biology in a Christian school, or in a
>missionary school, or whatever.(I'm teaching in a public school now.) Now it
>seems that YEC is being built into the statements of faith of these
>christain schools. What happened? I'm not believing anything I didn't learn
>at a Christain school and yet I'm sidelined as unorthodox.

If one defines orthodox as being that which the majority believes, then those
of us who are not YEC are definitely unorthodox. However, I would differ when
that term comes to mean "nonChristian, unBiblical etc". The sad thing is that
YEC pervades much of Christendom and they do rule the roost with an iron hand.
If you want a job at a Christian school you will have a major problem.

>Part of the problem is that I'm somewhat of a closet dissenter. I've gotten
>myself into some rather divisive debates in the past and discovered that I'm
>better off holding my mouth. Maybe this is the worst mistake. Does anyone
>have a similar experience?

If you decide to challenge the ICR/YEC crowd, be prepared to pay a heavy
price. I used to be a YEC and published a lot in the Creation Research Soc.
Quarterly. But I had one problem. I believed that truth should always be
followed where ever it leads. It lead away from YEC. I wrote a book which
was the second most cited book in John Woodmorappe's ICR published _Noah's
Ark: A Feasibility Study_.

Usually, when my book was cited, attached to the citation are adjectives like
"absurd", "naive", "compromising", "abysmally ignorant", "sloppy", "reckless
disregard", "extremely inaccurate","misleading", "tomfoolery" and
"intentionally deceitful".

No one likes to see themselves smeared in this fashion. But it does mean that
my efforts have been noticed by ICR. Even Henry Morris himself has now
attacked me in the same sentence with DAvis Young. That is progress.

Hang in there and challenge them!


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