Comment to Frix

John W. Burgeson (
30 Aug 96 11:11:24 EDT

Bill Frix makes some interesting conjectures about the brain being more an
antenna than a computer. He writes, in part: "Well, these are my musings on the
subject. Any comments?"

Forty years in the computer business has convinced me that brain is no more
"like" a computer than a garbage compactor! < G > At first reading, I did not
see the antenna model as any better -- but as I reflect on it -- it does have
(IMO of course) usefulness. It does seem to solve the "free will" paradox
rather well, for it seems to assume that the "real person" behind a body/brain
complex is, in a concrete sense, supernatural. Not in the sense God is
supernatural, but a limited supernatural capability. Death seems to occur, then
when the brain becomes detuned from the real person and can no longer recieve

Yes, Bill, I like it. Wonder how far the concept can be extended. You mentioned
testing; in scientific terms, if my addition of the supernatural to your idea is
accepted, I think it cannot be.