Re: BIBLE: Quantum computers & Many Worlds Hypoth.

Glenn Morton (
Wed, 28 Aug 1996 22:09:21

I just read an article Paul Arveson suggested. It has to do with the "clever
algorithm' suggestion.

Loren wrote:

>In the same way, if someone cleverly constructs an artificial
>"atom" in which the quantum eigenstates correspond to the (unknown) factors
>of a large number (which is, I believe, what was proposed), the same
>principle applies. They're just using a very clever algorithm and a
>small number of steps.

Haroche and Raimond"Quantum Computing: Dream or NIghtmare?" Physics Today,
1996, p. 52 write:

"Consider, for example, an absurdly modest application of Shor's factorization
algorithm: factoring a four-bit number. Even that would require about 20 000
gate operations on 20 qubits."

I would say that Shor's algorithm is not very clever. They also raise some
interesting arguments against the ability to create quantum computers.

But as with much invention, mankind eventually does accomplish much of what he
dreams of, but not usually in the way we first conceive. We didn't go to the
moon via a cannon shot; nor did we fly by flapping our arms. We may make a
quantum computer in a manner different from our current conceptions.

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