Re: PARAPSYCHOLOGY: Mind/body connection

Bill Frix (
Wed, 28 Aug 1996 16:20:43 GMT-5

Mike Jaqua responded:

> >Finally, prayer and communion with God is more easily explained by a spirit
> that has been tuned to the 'Divine Frequency' than by a biochemical
> reaction.<
> Prophets then would be individuals who are especially well tuned to
> receiving on the 'Divine Frequency'. If this theory were correct it would
> also explain out-of-body experiences, clairvoyance and other phenomena.
> It does seem that this is all coming rather close to lending
> legitimacy to Shirley McClain, Uri Geller or even Hillary Clinton's
> "visitations".

The Bible doesn't discount soothsayers or claim that paranormal
experiences do not exist. (What I see it saying is that we should
not attempt to indulge in them or use them for guidance). The
problem faced by persons like Shirley McClain, is, Who are
they in tune to? There are many creatures in the spirit world, not
all of them are in league with God. If God is truth (as He is) and
if there is a truth to the presence of paranormal phenomena (I am
personally undecided, much as I cannot prove my supposition about
the nervous system being an antenna), the question is not about
giving legitimacy to what exists but of only trying to determine its

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