Re: BIBLE: Quantum computers & Many Worlds Hypoth.

Bill Hamilton (
Wed, 28 Aug 1996 12:57:16 -0400

Bill Frix wrote:

>I got involved in this discussion of the brain as a computer in a
>Christian philosophy course at seminary where it seems the concept of
>the brain as a computer comes from the naturalistic view of the
>universe. That is, the concept comes stems from the belief (a
>priori) that thought processes are bio-chemical in origin (this view
>is supported by popular sci-fi such as Star Trek). As such, the
>concept of a spirit in persons is discounted at best, rejected at
>worst. Being also an electromagneticist by training, I would like
>to pose an alternative thought: the brain is not a computer but an

[remainder of Bill's interesting post snipped]

I don't have a problem with modeling the brain as a computer. However, I
do have a problem with the implication that thought is purely
computational, or that computers think. Rather I believe a computer --
whether it is implemented with IC's or neurons, is a _tool_ that is used to
_facilitate_ problem-solving. In the case of a man-made computer, the
human user wants to solve problems and uses the computer as a tool. In the
case of a computer made of the neurons in a human brain, the user is
something I can't define in such a way that an experiment can identify
its(his/her) presence: the human's spirit. I would certainly agree with
Bill that the brain functions _include_ serving as an antenna or a
communication channel with a spiritual user, but I wouldn't throw out the
computational aspects.

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