PARAPSYCHOLOGY: Mind/body connection
Wed, 28 Aug 1996 12:33:35 -0400

Bill Frix proposes an interesting hypothesis:

>Being also an electromagneticist by training, I would like to pose an
alternative thought: the brain is not a computer but an antenna.<

>Suppose all thoughts, feelings, etc. originate, not in biochemical
reactions, but in the spirit. The nervous system (including the brain and
the associated, distributed nerves) is tuned to an individual spirit, much
as an electromagnetic antenna can be tuned to a unique frequency. The
physical condition of the body influences the receptiveness of the nervous
system to its unique spirit, much as environmental conditions can de-tune
an electromagnetic antenna. Of course, the nervous system is a
bi-directional antenna: both receiving thoughts from the spirit and sending
stimuli to the spirit.<
This may go some way toward explaining the phenomena of individuals
who have normal mental functions even though they don't have physically
normal brains. As long as the antenna can pick up the signals the
structure doesn't matter much.

>How would we prove such a proposition? Proof of an antenna's existence is
shown by removing the electromagnetic signal/path from the antenna
structure by blocking or jamming. Probably, attempting to do so with the
"brain antenna" would result in separating the body from the spirit (i.e.,
death). The normal method of proof would result in mass murder.<
Couldn't one try to detect the signals without interfering with
them? Of course one would need to know the nature of the signals to detect

>The 'phantom limb' problem of naturalistic philosophy would be resolved:
the 'spirit wave' would continue to exist, even though it's 'antenna
receptor' was absent. (For those not familiar with the phantom limb
problem, when a limb is amputated from a person, the person reports an
awareness of the limb remains, complete with the ability to use the absent
The phantom limb problem is pretty well understood already. The
brain is accustomed to interpreting certain nerve signals as coming from,
shall we say, the foot. When the foot is gone part the nerves that used
to run to and from the foot still exist in the leg. If the proper stimuli
are given to those truncated nerves the brain will still interpret those
signals as coming from the foot.

>There is another paranormal effect (I don't know how to spell it -
something like the Kirelitch images??), whereby ghostlike images have been
observed and photographed around persons, that could easily be explained by
this explanation.<
I believe you are referring to Kirlian photography. Debunkers of
the paranormal have demonstrated that "Kirlian auras" are simply the result
of relatively simple, special effects, photography techniques.

>Finally, prayer and communion with God is more easily explained by a spirit
that has been tuned to the 'Divine Frequency' than by a biochemical
Prophets then would be individuals who are especially well tuned to
receiving on the 'Divine Frequency'. If this theory were correct it would
also explain out-of-body experiences, clairvoyance and other phenomena.
It does seem that this is all coming rather close to lending
legitimacy to Shirley McClain, Uri Geller or even Hillary Clinton's

Mike Jaqua