Quantum computing

Paul Arveson (arveson@oasys.dt.navy.mil)
Wed, 28 Aug 96 09:36:56 EDT

Here are two recent articles that should be read on the subject of quantum
computing, brain function etc.:

"Universal quantum simulators", by S. Lloyd, Science 273, 23 Aug. 1966.
Abstract: "Feynman's 1982 conjecture, that quantum computers can be programmed
to simulate any local quantum system, is shown to be correct."
Conclusion: "... A quantum computer with a few tens of quantum bits could
perform in a few tens of steps simulations that would require Avogadro's number
of memory sites and operations on a classical computer. ... Another possibility
is that by modulating the interactions between spins, atoms, or quantum dots in
large arrays, one could perform massive parallel quantum simulations involving
many quantum systems at once. The wide variety of atomic, molecular, and
semiconductor quantum devices available suggests that quantum simulation may
soon become a reality."

"Quantum computing: dream or nightmare?" by S. Haroche & J. Raimond, Physics
Today, Aug. 1996. (Abstract: "Recent experiments have deepened our insight
into the wonderfully counterintuitive quantum theory. But are they really
harbingers of quantum computing? We doubt it.")

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