ASA: Role of ASA

Joseph Carson (
28 Aug 96 08:44:53 EDT

As I have brought to the group's attention a number of times, I think your
question presupposes a very limited role for a very small ASA. ASA is, in
my opinion, missing the mark is a fundamental way by not actively calling
and supporting its members to be "salt and light" in their workplaces and
professions. Witness the lack of enthusiastic active support for concept of
ASA Special Interest Groups (SIGs) in the various professional societies to
which ASA'ers belong.

Is it because such SIGs would serve no purpose as the Christian metaphysic
and its implementation is already properly integrated into America's
workplaces and professions? Is Jesus saying "why add more salt?" in looking
at ASA slightly declining membership numbers?

Which tactic would be more effective in answering YEC'ers: 1) A 50,000+
ASA, actively and vigorously calling its members to integrate their faith
into their work practices and the operative standards of their professions,
as well as calling for an integration of science findings and the
technological implementation of those findings with the Christian metaphysic
or 2) trading statements with YEC'ers?