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Thanks for your carefully thought out and worded post on the
appropriateness of the family/homosexuality thread. Some others have also
questioned whether it all fits into a faith/science discussion.
I think the issues can easily fit into the parameters of the list
_but_ those of us involved in the thread have been too concentrated on the
theology/exegesis aspects of the matter and have neglected the scientific
aspects of it. I did post a short list of some of the biological problems
that go with homosexual behavior but it didn't get much response.
If we are to continue the thread there are several scientific
issues that can be brought into it. Here are a few that occur to me.

Sociology- What is the impact on society of widely accepted homosexuality?
This can be approached historically and/or with modern research.
Psychology- What does research show about the underlying causes of
homosexuality? Is it natural of pathologic? Can it be treated
or overcome or must one learn to live with it? (In other words can
a homosexual "go straight"?)
Genetics- Is there an underlying genetic association with homosexuality?
This also begs us to ask if there is an underlying genetic
association with other behaviors, i.e.: kleptomania, pedophilia,
high sex drive...
Evolution- How might homosexual behaviors fit into various evolutionary
theories? I imagine any fiat creationists might have some
interesting input on this angle.
Medical- What are the health aspects or consequences presented by
homosexual behavior? What conclusions or concerns can we derive
from them?
General- What other observable or measurable factors regarding
homosexuality can we subject to scientific scrutiny?

OK. That's my input. I posted it directly to you since I wasn't
sure if you wanted input to you personally or on the reflector. If you
think that what I've said deserves consideration from others fell free to
post any part of it to the reflector.

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Subject: SOC/PSYCH: Recent thread
Author: "Terry M. Gray" <> at INTERNET
Date: 8/26/96 11:16 AM

I'm very reluctant to say what I'm about to say, but having seen this
thread on
family/homosexuality/etc. go on for over 8 weeks, I'm going to say it.

I wonder if we are at the fringe of what is relevant/useful/edifying etc.
for this discussion group. How exactly is this discussion a faith/science
(broadly defined) dialog? I'm willing to be instructed and perhaps being
instructed on this point will result in a more focused exchanged.

Already at the ASA meeting 6 weeks ago, numerous people complained about
the value of this discussion and its appropriateness for this forum. Being
somewhat libertarian-minded, I determined not to say anything in the hope
that the discussion would come to some closure and that we would move on to
something else. However, it hasn't, and I fear that the widespread
interest in this discussion group is somewhat at risk.

Obviously, many of these topics can be turned more toward a faith/science

Finally, I would encourage us all to use the proposed topic indicator for the
subject line. I realize that it is a bit bulky, but it helps those who
aren't interested in certain threads to more readily identify them.

Here are the proposed subject lines (once again):

ASA -- announcements and discussion of ASA policies
JOBS -- announcements of positions available and jobs wanted ORIGINS --
creation/evolution discussion
ETHICS -- discussion of medical and other ethical questions
raised by modern science
BIBLE -- discussion of exegetical/theological issues related to
scientific questions
ENVIRON -- discussion of environmental issues and ethics
SOC/PSYC -- discussion of Christianity and psychology and the social sciences

A subject line would look like this:

ETHICS: Y chromosomes and behavior

and then a reply

Re: ETHICS: Y chromosomes and behavior.

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