Comment on YECs

John W. Burgeson (
26 Aug 96 12:28:39 EDT

Glenn writes, in part: " But the YEC leaders never leave controlled
environments. "

This has been obvious to me since I began working on Compuserve & the internet
three years ago. I have written numerous letters to various ICR people -- and to
Tom Willis of the CSA, and others, inviting them to become participants in web
debates. Seldom do I get even the courtesy of a response; Henry Morris did write
me a nice letter declining the invitation but I cannot remember anyone else
doing so.

I had a few YEC posters on Compuserve; one was fairly coherent and a good person
at keeping the arguments straight and to the point. Most were pathetic.

There are a number of web sites now where the YEC community puts their stuff.
Don't know of any that offer debate/interaction however.

Heard over KIXL, the Austin "Christian" radio station here, a bumbling attempt
by Kennedy (of Fort Lauderdale) preaching a sermon defending the ICR position
"against evolution." In 30 minutes he managed to say almost nothing that was not
10 or 15 years out of date, misrepresent several issues, and all the time sound
absolutely statesmanlike in his well-crafted presentation. Very persuasive to
anyone not well in tune with the issues and scientific thinking patterns.
Kennedy reaches 20,000 when we in ASA and other like places reach a handful. I
continue to have hopes the net will eventually help this situation. Bringing the
YEC crowd on board ought to be helpful in this regard. Perhaps a letter-writing
campaign? < G >