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Mon, 26 Aug 1996 11:16:08 -0400

I'm very reluctant to say what I'm about to say, but having seen this
thread on family/homosexuality/etc. go on for over 8 weeks, I'm going to
say it.

I wonder if we are at the fringe of what is relevant/useful/edifying etc.
for this discussion group. How exactly is this discussion a faith/science
(broadly defined) dialog? I'm willing to be instructed and perhaps being
instructed on this point will result in a more focused exchanged.

Already at the ASA meeting 6 weeks ago, numerous people complained about
the value of this discussion and its appropriateness for this forum. Being
somewhat libertarian-minded, I determined not to say anything in the hope
that the discussion would come to some closure and that we would move on to
something else. However, it hasn't, and I fear that the widespread
interest in this discussion group is somewhat at risk.

Obviously, many of these topics can be turned more toward a faith/science

Finally, I would encourage us all to use the proposed topic indicator for
the subject line. I realize that it is a bit bulky, but it helps those who
aren't interested in certain threads to more readily identify them.

Here are the proposed subject lines (once again):

ASA -- announcements and discussion of ASA policies
JOBS -- announcements of positions available and jobs wanted
ORIGINS -- creation/evolution discussion
ETHICS -- discussion of medical and other ethical questions raised by
modern science
BIBLE -- discussion of exegetical/theological issues related to scientific
ENVIRON -- discussion of environmental issues and ethics
SOC/PSYC -- discussion of Christianity and psychology and the social sciences

A subject line would look like this:

ETHICS: Y chromosomes and behavior

and then a reply

Re: ETHICS: Y chromosomes and behavior.

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