Re: female pastors
Sun, 25 Aug 1996 21:17:10 -0400

Pastor Emeritus L.B. Flynn, who lead our Baptist church for 40 years, just
wrote a book incorporating excellent exegesis and deep-felt feelings which
will interest some.

*My Daughter a Preacher!?!* by Dr. L.B. Flynn (author of 37 books including
the bestselling *19 Gifts of the Spirit*) tells of a father*s dilemma over
the decision of his daughter (he has 7) to enter the ministry and his search
for a scriptural solution. At first elated to have a daughter called to the
ministry, he soon began asking himself, _Isn*t the Bible against women
preachers?_ The dilemma between faithfulness to biblical teaching and
loyalty to daughter led to an in-depth search through Scripture and history
on the issue of women*s role in ministry. *My Daughter a Preacher!?!*
describes this search, tracing Flynn*s path through the maze of arguments,
both pro and con, that eventually led to the outcome of his mental and
spiritual journey. *My Daughter a Preacher!?!* 1996, 158 page paperback,
ISBN 1-896400-10-8, $8.95 postpaid. Contact Leslie B. Flynn, 32 Highview
Ave A, Nanuet, NY 10954 USA Telephone (914) 623-3319